Friday, April 15, 2011

WSO2 Carbon Studio 1.0.5 is now out!!!

Find the CS 1.0.5 release at

Plenty of new features

  • Carbon Application Tools
    • Ability to create Registry Aspect class
    • Allow creating the library artifact as a fragment bundle
    • Create sequences and endpoints as registry resources
    • Creating registry resources through templates
  • General
    • Adding WSO2 related libraries when developing applications
    • Other usability improvements
  • ESB tools
    • Ability to specify references of ESB artifacts from a filtered list of resources in the workspace
    • Ability to create registry resource references on the fly for ESB artifacts
    • JBoss Smooks tools integration
  • Governance Registry Tools
    • Enable/disable actions and update icons based on permissions for registry resources for the specified user
    • Upload wsdl resources to the registry as governance archives (GAR support)
  • Introduced Carbon Studio contribution features [Documentation pending]
    • Extensions to add custom proxy service templates
    • Extensions to add registry resource templates
    • Extensions to allow adding mediatype resolvers
    • Extensions to specify new 3rd party libraries
    • Extensions to specify resource providers for
      • Registry Resources
      • ESB Sequences
      • ESB Endpoints
      • ESB Local Entries
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